200L Tight Head : Plain       200L Tight Head : Lining    200L Open Head : Plain
 Suitable for filling Solvent based  medium adhesive substance such  as Lubricants, Chemical Liquid,  Solvent, Paint, Coating, Edible Oil  and similar flexible fluid.   Internal Lining: Lacquer (FDA Regulation), Bitumen, and etc. Tight head with Lacquer Lining is proper to water based fluid, while Bitumen Lining is mainly used for Rubber Latex.   Suitable for filling Solvent based with high to medium viscosity, solid, or solid state that is hard to bring in/out of the sealed drum.
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Awarded by Bureau Veritas the certification to System standards of ISO 9001-2008 since 2005
The Supplier Awards Best in Packaging from PTT Chemical
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